Tarkek Therond

God of Song


Tarkek Therond is a renowned Human Bard from the plane that he came from. He was informally known as Tarkek the Fretmaster. Still young, and nigh immortal due to a Balor, he is the Captain of The Black Company and in the lands of Kaendassi, he is known as the God of Song.


Tarkek Therond started his recorded life as the Annalist to The Black Company. During a fierce battle he was banished to another plane and had to start his life all over. As a Bard and teller of tales, it was easy for him to find work within the numerous taverns scattered across the countryside.

One fateful night, a Half-Orc Ronin entered the tavern that Tarkek was performing in. A fight broke out between several bandits and an Elf Witch. The Half-Orc and Tarkek used their skills and dispatched the bandits with ease. The Witch was being hunted for leaving her uncle’s tower. Tarkek and the Half-Orc, known as Tempa Hatori, swore allegiance to the Witch and promised to help her enact revenge on her uncle.

Their quests brought them to the top of her uncle’s tower, where a mysterious cult was trying to call forth a Balor. Despite what the three did, they could not stop the summoning ritual. The Balor rose from the ground, wreathed in flame, poised for attack.

With a few melodic strums on his guitar, Tarkek managed to mesmerize the Balor, A’tinlor, and convince him into flying to the furthest continent and to never return. The Balor HAD to agree with Tarkek, for his Will alone could not save him. However, A’tinlor vowed revenge on Tarkek and put a curse of immortality upon Tarkek and Tempa, so as to keep them alive for his retribution.

Shortly after this, Tarkek reformed The Black Company with Tempa being the Lieutenant and Fehs, Tarkek’s trusted bodyguard, as the Standardbearer. The ranks of The Black Company swelled in the following hundred years. Within this time, neither Tempa, nor Tarkek aged a minute.

When the time came, A’tinlor was summoned once again to the land of Kaendassi, this time supported by thousands of lesser daemons. A mighty battle between The Black Company, the True Plainsmen and the deamons led by A’tinlor took place on the Plains of Kaendassi.

Nearly half a day passed before A’tinlor was slain by Tempa Hatori. However, this did not quell the daemons under him, and the fight continued. Tarkek thought all was lost, and as a last effort, used his Musketar to play his magnum opus. When the song was finished, a mighty angel burst forth from the clouds and helped Tarkek slay the daemons. The Angel’s name was Ezekiel, and he was previously summoned to serve Tarkek until he was released.

Tarkek promised Ezekiel’s release, if Ezekiel would grant him a God-like status. Ezekiel, being the only Angel anyone from this plane had seen, was revered as the most powerful of Gods, and was forced to name Tarkek as God of Song, and Tempa as God of War.

Tarkek Therond

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