Tempa Hatori

God of War


Tempa Hatori is a Half-Orc Ronin, and Lieutenant of The Black Company, who arrived in Kaendassi and was so skilled in the Art of War that he was revered as the God of War.


Tempa began his ‘new life’ in Kaendassi alongside his closest companion, Tarkek Therond, as the Lieutenant to The Black Company. Both Tempa and Tarkek were kept alive by a Balor, A’tinlor, who wished to enact revenge upon The Black Company, once he was able to return to the mortal plane of existence. Tempa and Tarkek, along with the rest of The Black Company took it upon themselves to form a veritable army in preparation for the inevitable return of A’tinlor.

Sure as day, A’tinlor soon entered the mortal plane, and traveled to Kaendassi to seek out those who had wronged him. A great battle took place in which Tempa, Tarkek and The Black Company fought for their lives and for the safety of their world.

While Tarkek and The Black Company were preoccupied with A’tinlor’s minions, Tempa challenged the 4,500 pound beast to single combat. The battle took 14 hours with Tempa, bloody and near death, emerging as the victor.

The praise and worship that he received essentially made him a God on a Godless plane of existence. Although still mortal, not a man wishes to test Tempa’s mortality, for fear of being struck down by his mighty sword, Masamune.

Amongst the land of Kaendassi and the rest of the known world, Tempa was seen as the God of War and many shrines and places of worship were erected in his honor. It is said that there are whole bands of warriors who fight in his name, and are feared across the land.

Tempa Hatori

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