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The Opening of the Four Portals

The Opening of the Four Portals is a multi-campaign story, with many characters being implemented and a changing, dynamic world. Each major choice that the PC’s make will affect the world of the Four Portals and will carry over into other campaigns on this plane.

The first part of the Opening is the opening of a portal that leads to a tower known as Skull Spire. Skull Spire is a tower with hundreds of other portals leading to other planes and realms. By navigating the treacherous area of Skull Spire, the PC’s will essentially be able to cross over into different worlds.

Part 1: The Emergence of Skull Spire
The Black Company, under the leadership of Tarkek Therond and his trusty second in command, Tempa Hatori, have gained a foot hold on the continent of Kaendassi and have begun taking odd jobs to pay their soldiers. With the Gwellian Insurrection stifled by a group of other adventurers, the continent is at relative peace and all that remains is to find the ‘Promised Land.’

Rumors abound of the Promised Land’s coming, and some soothsayers have concluded that the appearance of a colossal tower is the gateway to the Promised Land. The Black Company has no choice but to head to the North Isand to find and investigate Skull Spire.

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The Opening of the Four Portals TomSalvato